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Ego Trimmers


ST1511T POWERLOAD Technology-Load Line, Push a Button and Go Up To 45 Minutes Run Time On A Single Charge Telescopic Aluminum Shaft 15” Cutting Swath Variable Speed With 2-Speed Settings Weather Resistant Construction (IPX4)


ST1521S POWERLOAD Head, Load Line, Push Button and Go Carbon Fiber Shaft 15" Cutting Swath High Efficiency Brushless Motor Variable Speed Control


ST1534 Rear Motor String Trimmer Rapid reload head - wind line in seconds 15" Cutting Swath Includes 1 battery and charger


ST1623T LINE IQ Technology: Auto Feed, No Bump POWERLOAD Technology - Feed Line, Push Button, and Go Telescopic Carbon Fiber Shaft 16" Cutting Swath Digital 2 Speed Selector Weather Resistant Construction


MST1501T Compatible with Ego Power Multi-head System Rapid Reload Line Feeding System Water Resistant Construction (IPX4)

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